Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Welcome Note

A very warm welcome and thank you graciously for visiting this blog. Obviously, it is new and still under construction. We will soon post some interesting and informative informations about ASEAN and the efforts made by the school in order to develop and upgrade resources for the corners along with the activities or programmes that will be prepared especially for the pupils.

Asean Corners was first introduced to schools in the early 1990s. This school however is still new with this programme since we only did this actively for the last two years. Even so, we are moving forward and make use of ICT, and therefore the creation of this blog, to get the students to be interested to read and know more about the importance of the union of the 10 member countries.

We have lots of ideas in our head and we will soon put them in words and show some pictures if possible through this blog. So, please stay tune with us. Any comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.