Monday, March 15, 2010

National Anthem of the Philippines

Song Title : "Lupang Hinirang" ("Chosen Land")

Lyrics : Jose Palma

Music : Julian Felipe

When this song was adopted as the Philippine National Anthem in 1898, this song had no lyrics. A poem wrote by Jose Palma in Spanish then was used for the song lyrics. When the Americans occupied Phillipines, it later changed the lyrics into an English version and was called 'Phillippine Hymn'. In the 1940s, again, the song was translated into Tagalog. This song had been called by so many names in Tagalog. At last, in 1960s, the National Anthem was revised and the lyrics were changed into the Pilipino, standardised Tagalog version which is used until now. There is a law where the Philippine National Anthem shall be sung in its national language within or outside the country and as for those who violates it will face imprisonment and fines.

Translation of the Lyrics in English (unofficial)

Beloved country,

Pearl of the Orient,

The burning [fervour] of the heart,

In thy chest beats ever alive.

Chosen land,

Thou art the cradle of the brave,

To the conquerors,

Thou shall never surrender.

In the seas and mountains,

In the air and in the azure sky,

There is a splendour in the poem,

And [in the song] for the freedom beloved.

The sparkle of thy flag,

Is victory that shines,

Its stars and sun

Forever shall never dim.

Land of the sun, of glory and our love,

Life is heaven in thy embrace;

It is our joy when they are oppressors,

To die because of thee.