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National Anthem of Vietnam

Song Title : "Tien Quan Ca" ("March tothe Front")

Lyrics : Ngu Yen Van Cao

Music : Ngu Yen Van Cao

Ngu Yen Van Cao, who was a writer and a composer wrote this song in the year 1944. When the song was pubished in the newspaper, the song had a positive feedback from the public. In 1946, the provisional government adopted this song as the national anthem of North Vietnam. When North Vietnam was unified with South Vietnam in the year 1976, this song became the anthem of the whole Vietnam. The song was actually written in two verses. However, only the first verse is used as the official anthem of Vietnam.

Translations of the Lyrics in English

Armies of the Vietnam, forward!,

With one single determination to save our Fatherland,

Our hurried steps resound on a long and arduous road,

Our flag, red with blood of victory, bears the spirit of the country,

The distance rumbling of the gund mingles with our marching song.

The path of glory is built by the bodies of our foes,

Overcoming all hardships, together we build our resistance bases.

Ceaselessly for the People's cause let us struggle,

Let us hasten to the battlefield!

Onward! Altogether advancing!

For one eternal Vietnam.

National Anthem of Thailand

Song Title : "Phleng Chat" ("National Anthem of Thai")

Lyrics: Luang Saranuprapan

Music : Phra Jenduriyang

Thailand had changed it's national anthem for more than three times. This is the current National Anthem of Thailand. The first anthem was first raised when the King paid a visit to the British colony of Singapore and found out that British has its own national anthem and thought that Thailand should have one too. So, the first anthem was introduced and it was unpopular. Even the second and third anthems were short lived. Finally, this anthem remained the anthem of Thailand until today. It was adopted on 10th December, 1939. The anthem was to be played everyday at 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening while the flag is raised and lowered.

Translations of the Lyrics in English

Thailand unites flesh and blood of Thais,

Nation of the people ; belonging to the Thais in every respect,

Long maintained [has been] the independence,

Because the Thais seek, and love, unity,

Thais are peace loving,

But at war we're no cowards,

Sovereignty will not be threatened,

Sacrificing every drop of blood for the nation,

Hail the nation of Thailand, long last the vistory, Chai yo (cheers)

National Anthem of Singapore

Song Title : "Majulah Singapura" ("Onward Singapore")

Lyrics : Zubir Said

Music : Zubir Said

Zubair Said was asked to compose this song and was given a title "Majulah Singapura" as the theme of the song beforehand. It took him a year to complete it and the song was used for the Council's official function in 1958. In 1959, when Singapore attained it's independence, they felt the need to have their own anthem. So, this song was selected as it was a popular song at that time and the lyrics were then revised. The song officially became the National Anthem of Singapore on 9th August 1965, after Singapore gained its full independence. There are laws on the usage of this anthem and if not obeyed, will be penalised. For example, the song is to be sung in Malay only, although there is an authorisation in the translation of the anthem in English, Mandarin and Tamil.

Translation of the Lyrics in English

Come, fellow Singaporeans,

Let us progress towards happiness together,

May our noble aspiration bring Singapore success,

Come, let us unite in a new spirit,

Let our voices soar as one,

Onward Singapore,

Onward Singapore.

National Anthem of Myanmar

Song Title : "Kaba Ma Kyei" ("Till The End Of The World, Burma")

Lyrics : Saya Tin

Music : Saya Tin

This song was established as the National Anthem of Myanmar in 1947. It is the only ASEAN country that used an anthem embedded from its own indigineous customs.

Translation of the Lyrics in English

Until the world ends up shattering, long lives Burma!

We love our land because this is our real inheritance.

We will sacrifice our lives to protect our country,

This is our nation, this is our land and it belongs to us,

Being our nation and our land, let us do good causes to our nation in unity!

And, this is our very duty to our invaluable land

National Anthem of the Philippines

Song Title : "Lupang Hinirang" ("Chosen Land")

Lyrics : Jose Palma

Music : Julian Felipe

When this song was adopted as the Philippine National Anthem in 1898, this song had no lyrics. A poem wrote by Jose Palma in Spanish then was used for the song lyrics. When the Americans occupied Phillipines, it later changed the lyrics into an English version and was called 'Phillippine Hymn'. In the 1940s, again, the song was translated into Tagalog. This song had been called by so many names in Tagalog. At last, in 1960s, the National Anthem was revised and the lyrics were changed into the Pilipino, standardised Tagalog version which is used until now. There is a law where the Philippine National Anthem shall be sung in its national language within or outside the country and as for those who violates it will face imprisonment and fines.

Translation of the Lyrics in English (unofficial)

Beloved country,

Pearl of the Orient,

The burning [fervour] of the heart,

In thy chest beats ever alive.

Chosen land,

Thou art the cradle of the brave,

To the conquerors,

Thou shall never surrender.

In the seas and mountains,

In the air and in the azure sky,

There is a splendour in the poem,

And [in the song] for the freedom beloved.

The sparkle of thy flag,

Is victory that shines,

Its stars and sun

Forever shall never dim.

Land of the sun, of glory and our love,

Life is heaven in thy embrace;

It is our joy when they are oppressors,

To die because of thee.

National Anthem of Malaysia

Song Title : "Negaraku" ("My Country")

Lyrics : Multiple authors including Tunku Abdul Rahman as the lead lyricists

Music : Pierre Jean de Beranger

The search for the National Anthem of Malaysia is an interesting story. It started when the country realised that each state in Malaysia has its own anthem but they didn't have an anthem for the country as a whole. So, Tunku Abdul Rahman proposed on a search for a suitable anthem. The search was done by organizing a competition where people worldwide joined but the main objective failed. Their effort then continued by inviting some of the well-known composers from all over the world, but this too failed. Finally, they turned to the National Anthem of one of its state, Perak, called 'Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan', and changed the lyrics of this song. And so, Malaysia has their own national anthem as a whole. It was established as Malaysia National Anthem in 1957.

Translation of the Lyrics in English

My country, the country where my blood is shed,

The people live united and progressive,

Blessings of happiness, may God grant,

(And that) Our King may reign in peace,

Blessings of happiness, may God grant,

(And that) Our King may reign in peace.

National Anthem of Indonesia

Song Title : "Indonesia Raya" ("Greater Indonesia")

Lyrics : Wage Rudolf Supartnam

Music : Wage Rudolf Supartman

When Indonesia became an independent state, this song was chosen as the country national anthem on 17th August 1945, eventhough this song had been introduced a long time ago, in 1928. Supratnam, the creator of this song who was also a teacher, produced this song while playing with his violin in the hope that someday the song he created would officially became the National Anthem of Indonesia. His dream came true.

Translation of the Lyrics in English

Indonesia, my native land,

The land where I shed my blood,

There, I stand,

To be the guard of my motherland

Indonesia, my nationality,

My nation and my homeland,

Let us exclaim,

"Indonesia unites!"

Long live my land, long live my state,

My nation, my people, entirely,

Build its soul build its body,

For the Great Indonesia,


Great Indonesia, independent and sovereign!

My land, my country, which I love,

Great Indonesia, independent and sovereign!

Long live Great Indonesia

Great Indonesia, independent and sovereign!

My land my country which I love,

Great Indonesia, independent and sovereign!

Long live Great Indonesia!

National Anthem of Laos

Song Title : 'Pheng Xat Lao' (National Anthem of Laos)

Lyrics : Sisana Sisane

Music : Thongdy Sounthonevichit

Officially adopted as Laos National Anthem in 1947. In 1975, the original lyrics of this song was changed when the Lao People's Democratic Republic was established.

English Translation of The National Anthem

From all time the Lao people have glorified their fatherland,

United in heart, spirit and vigour as one,

Resolutely moving forwards,

Respecting and increasing the dignityof the Lao people,

And proclaiming to be right to be their own masters.

The Lao people of all origins are equal,

And will no longer imperialists and traitors to harm them.

The entire people will safegurad the independence,

And the freedom of the nation.

They are resolved to struggle for the victory,

In order to lead the nation to prosperity.

National Anthem of Cambodia

Song Title : 'Nokoreach' (Royal Kingdom)

Lyrics : Chuo Nat

Music : F. Perruchot and J.Jekyll

This song was adopted as the official anthem of Cambodia in 1941. The song was written based on the Cambodian folk tune and the Nation's motto ; 'Nation, Religion, King', as well as to remind the people of Cambodia about the mighty past of the Khmer Nation. However, when the communist (the Cambodian People's Party), ruled the country in 1975, the anthem was then replaced with 'Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey' or 'Glorious Seventeenth of April'. In 1993, when the communists were defeated in the elections, the anthem 'Nokoreach' was restored.

Translation of the Lyrics in English

Heaven protects our King,

And gives him happiness and glory,

To reign over our souls and our destinies,

The one being, heir of the Sovereign builders,

Guiding the proud of old kingdom.

Temples are asleep in the forest,

Remembering the splendour of Moha Nokor,

Like a rock the Khmer race is eternal,

Let us trust in the fate of Cambodia,

The Empire which challenges the ages

Song rise up from the pagodas,

To the glory of the Buddhist faith,

Let us be faithful to our ancestor's belief,

Thus heaven will lavish its bounty,

Towards the ancient Khmer country, the Moha Nokor.

National Anthem of Brunei

Song Title : 'Allah Peliharakan Sultan' (God Bless the Sultan)

Lyrics : Pengiran Haji Mohammed Yusuf Bin Pengiran Abdul Rahim

Music By : Haji Awang Besar Bin Sagap

It became the official anthem of Brunei in 1947. The pupils in Brunei sing this National Anthem every morning during the assembly while raising the National Flag. The anthem is sung in Malay, the official language of Brunei.

Lyrics in Malay

Ya Allah lanjutkanlah usia

Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia

Aidil Berdaulat Menaungi Nusa

Memimpin Rakyat Kekal Bahagia

Hidup Sentosa Negara dan Sultan

Ilahi selamatkan Brunei Darussalam

Translation of Lyrics in English

God Bless His Majesty

With A Long Life

(May he) Rule the Realm Justly and in Majesty

And Lead Our People (into) Eternal Happiness(May)

The Kingdom and Sultan Live in Peace

Lord, Save Brunei, The Abode of Peace

ASEAN Members and their National Flags

There are 10 member countries of ASEAN :-

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ASEAN Map and Asian Map


Asian Map
Don't be confused with the terms ASEAN and Asian. ASEAN is just the ten member countries (on the map). In fact, just an extra fact here; there are about 47 countries in Asia. ASEAN is in Asia but not all Asian countries are ASEAN. Either way, you should be proud of being an ASEAN citizen and an Asian at the same time.
ASEAN Charter, Article 6
Admission to be a member of ASEAN should be based on these two criterias:-
  • location of the country should be in the recognised geographical region of Southeast Asia;
  • recognition by all ASEAN member states.


ASEAN Eminent Person Group (EPG)

These are a group of people, one from each member country of ASEAN, who were selected to create some of the recommendations in the Charter of the ASEAN community. Their tasks were to assess and review the ASEAN structure for the success of the association.

Above from left : Pehin Dato Lim Jock Seng (Brunei), Dr. Aun Porn Moniroth (Cambodia), Mr. Ali Alatas (Indonesia), Mr. Khampan Simmalavong (Laos), Tan Sri Musa Hitam (Malaysia)

Below from left : Dr. Than Nyun (Myanmar), Fidel V.Ramos (the Philippines), Kasemsamosorn Kasemsri (Thailand), Prof. S. Jayakumar (Singapore), Nguyen Manh Cam (Vietnam)

* Tan Sri Musa Hitam of Malaysia was the chairperson of the EPG.


ASEAN Charter

It is an establishment of an agreement between the member countries of ASEAN on how the organisation should work by working out clear vision and objectives of where the association should be heading. The ASEAN leaders, one from each member country, called the ASEAN Eminent Person Group (EPG), were given tasks to create their proposals for the charter.

Thailand was the last country among others to agree or ratify upon an Instrument of Accession to the Charter. Finally, when all the member countries had agreed, the charter was officially launched in Jakarta, Indonesia on 15th December, 2008.

With the consensus being reached, the Charter serves as a firm foundation processing under a legal framework in building up the ASEAN Community. Therefore, the day it was launched was an historical occassion for ASEAN.

The Charter contained 50 Articles in it, which we had and will explain in some of the posts related to the Charter.

Bear in mind :

ASEAN Charter, Article 50 : The Charter may be reviewed five years after its entry into force or as otherwise determined by ASEAN summit.

which means, changes still can be made with the Charter.


The ASEAN Way Lyrics

Left : Mr. Sampow Triudom (Music Arrangement)

Right : Mr. Kittikhun Sodprasert (Music Arrangement)

Below : Mrs Payom Valaiphatchra (Lyricist)

The song is in our playlist. You can listen to it through this blog. Do sing along with us and be proud. Below are the lyrics of this song :-


Raise our flag high, sky high
Embrace the pride in our heart
ASEAN we are bonded as one
Look-in out-ward to the world.
For peace, our goal from the very start
And prosperity to last.
We dare to dream we care to share.
Together for ASEAN
we dare to dream,
We care to share,

For it's the way of ASEAN

ASEAN Anthem

ASEAN Charter, Article 40 : ASEAN shall have an anthem

The ASEAN Way is the official anthem song for ASEAN. The original anthem song was 'ASEAN Hymn' (in the playlist). However, this song was replaced since the member states thought this song as too slow and does not give enough excitement and encouragement. Because of this, the association launched a competition opened to all the member states of ASEAN to compose a new anthem for ASEAN.

The ASEAN way which was also known as the 'Southeast Asian Anthem' won the competition. The winner of the competition won US$20,000 as a reward. Thailand won the prize. This song was officially adopted as ASEAN Anthem on 28th November, 2008.


Group Pictures of the Founding Fathers and a Video from the signing of the 'Bangkok Declaration'

Signing the 'Bangkok Declaration'

From the left : Narciso Ramos (the Philippines), Adam Malik (Indonesia), Thorat Khoman (Thailand), Tun Abdul Razak (Malaysia) and S. Rajaratnam (Singapore)

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ASEAN Founding Fathers

These are the five foreign ministers of five countries who met up for the ASEAN 'Bangkok Declaration'. With the signing of the declaration, ASEAN was formed.

Adam Malik of Indonesia - He was the third Vice-President of Indonesia

Narciso Ramos of Philippines - He was a lawyer, a journalist and rose to the position of Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He is the father of Fidel Ramos, the 12th President of the Philippines. (* picture unavailable)

Tun Abdul Razak of Malaysia - He was the second Prime Minister of Malaysia (1970-1976) He is the father of the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib

S.Rajaratnam of Singapore - He was the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore (1915-2006)

Thanat Khoman of Thailand




According to the ASEAN Charter, Article 37:-

  • The ASEAN Flag represents a stable, peaceful, united and dynamic ASEAN.

  • The colours of the Flag - blue, red, white, and yellow - represent the main colours of the flags of all the ASEAN Member States:
    * Blue represents peace and stability;
    * Red depicts courage and dynamism;
    * White shows purity;
    * Yellow symbolises prosperity

  • The stalks of padi represent the dream of ASEAN’s Founding Fathers for an ASEAN comprising all the countries in Southeast Asia bound together in friendship and solidarity.

  • The circle represents the unity of ASEAN.

Introduction on ASEAN


  • an abbreviation for Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
  • an organisation of countries located in Southeast Asia.
  • established on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand.

MOTTO (ASEAN Charter Article 36)

"One Vision, One Identity, One Community".

"10 countries, 1 identity".

Some of the AIMS are:-

  • To speed up economic growth, social progress, and cultural development among its members.
  • Protection of the peace and stability of the region
  • Provide opportunities for the member countries to discuss differences peacefully.
  • Promote ASEAN identity
  • Preserve Southeast Asia as a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone and free of all other weapons of mass destruction

* (taken from the ASEAN Charter, Article 1)

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A Welcome Note

A very warm welcome and thank you graciously for visiting this blog. Obviously, it is new and still under construction. We will soon post some interesting and informative informations about ASEAN and the efforts made by the school in order to develop and upgrade resources for the corners along with the activities or programmes that will be prepared especially for the pupils.

Asean Corners was first introduced to schools in the early 1990s. This school however is still new with this programme since we only did this actively for the last two years. Even so, we are moving forward and make use of ICT, and therefore the creation of this blog, to get the students to be interested to read and know more about the importance of the union of the 10 member countries.

We have lots of ideas in our head and we will soon put them in words and show some pictures if possible through this blog. So, please stay tune with us. Any comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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Why each member states of ASEAN have their own National Flowers?

This tradition of having to own National Flowers is not just practise by the ASEAN member states but also all over the world. Some nations have one national flower, but other countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam has more than one national flowers.

The chosen national flowers for each nation are based on some important criterias. It may rooted from the nation's histroical background, culture and religious beliefs. The flowers can also be chosen to support and spread consciousness about environmental preservation. It is important to point out that not all national flowers are officially adopted.

The chosen flowers for each nation are then used to represent the country.