Sunday, March 14, 2010

ASEAN Charter

It is an establishment of an agreement between the member countries of ASEAN on how the organisation should work by working out clear vision and objectives of where the association should be heading. The ASEAN leaders, one from each member country, called the ASEAN Eminent Person Group (EPG), were given tasks to create their proposals for the charter.

Thailand was the last country among others to agree or ratify upon an Instrument of Accession to the Charter. Finally, when all the member countries had agreed, the charter was officially launched in Jakarta, Indonesia on 15th December, 2008.

With the consensus being reached, the Charter serves as a firm foundation processing under a legal framework in building up the ASEAN Community. Therefore, the day it was launched was an historical occassion for ASEAN.

The Charter contained 50 Articles in it, which we had and will explain in some of the posts related to the Charter.

Bear in mind :

ASEAN Charter, Article 50 : The Charter may be reviewed five years after its entry into force or as otherwise determined by ASEAN summit.

which means, changes still can be made with the Charter.