Sunday, May 16, 2010

ASEAN Secretariat - The Workers

Dr Surin (The Secretary General)
The ASEAN Secretariat has 51 openly recruited International Staff and 153 locally recruited personnel. They are headed by the Secretary General and four Deputy Secretaries General. The Secretary General is chosenbased on merit and appointed by ASEAN's head of govenrment and work for a term of five years. As for the Deputy Secretaries General, two of them are nominated by their governments and the other two are openly recruited and if chosen, they are to work for three years term. These four Deputy Secretaries General should come from four different ASEAN member states.

The Secretary General for the ASEAN secretariat at the moment , from the year 2008-2012, is
Dr. Surin Pitsuwan from Thailand.

For those people who are interested to work with the ASEAN Secretariat may look for any job vacancies in the internationally recruited professional ranks in ASEAN publications or simply on the ASEAN websites. Applicants should be of Asean nationals.

As for the locally recruited staff, these are only open for the ASEAN nationals resident in Indonesia.

P/S: Dr. Surin has an amazing profile. If you're interested to get to know him better, check out this website :